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Advanced techniques to obtain original patterns with crackle varnish

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Discover the infallible tricks to obtain a dazzling crackled varnish! Achieve salon-worthy nails using these simple and effective techniques. So what are you waiting for? Now start this creative experience with your nail expert Maryton!

Crackled varnish is now very easy to reproduce at home. The first layer is an opaque varnish and the second a transparent layer which cracks during drying creating a “craquelure” effect. With this technique, it is possible to create original patterns on your nails.

To obtain original patterns, you can add materials such as stickers, sequins or even sticky tape before this second layer is completely dry. Crackle varnish offers a wide variety of colors and styles. The finish can be applied to natural or artificial nails, making it an excellent choice for manicures and nail aesthetics.

The key to obtaining an optimal result is to respect the drying times between each coat and to apply a thick coat for the second. You can also use different colors to achieve more intricate designs. It is also possible to use special fixatives to improve the hold of the varnish and give it more intensity.

Proper maintenance is essential for your manicure to last longer. Therefore, I advise you to invest in some professional manicure kits to care for nails.


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