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5 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress

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Over the past few months we’ve seen models, celebs, and cool girls wearing a simple, but swanky item called the slip dress. While this daring dress first came out in the ’90s, there’s definitely nothing old fashioned about it. Wondering how you can rock this daring closet item? Just scroll down as we share with you five different, but easy ways on how you can style the slip dress without showing too much skin!

The slip dress looks like it was made only for the summer. But you can make it rainy season friendly by wearing it over a tee! It’s an easy layering trick that you bet is still fashion-forward.

If you don’t want to bare too much skin, but still want to rock this trend just throw on a comfy pullover on top of your slip dress. Choose a slip dress with intricate details on the hem to make the look standout.

You can also rock the slip dress on its own! Just choose one that’s longer and make sure that the dress fits you well to avoid a too tight slip dress, or a too loose piece where the straps fall over your shoulders all the time.

If your slip dress is too short on you, then wear it as a top instead! Wear it alone, or on top of a cozy turtleneck. You can be sure that you’ll still look fashionable in this style combo—no effort necessary.

The slip dress is a very romantic closet must-have, but you can make it edgy in a snap! Just drape over your shoulders a chunky leather jacket, and end the look with a pair of black sneakers for an instant cool girl OOTD.

Which of these super cute OOTD made your heart skip a beat?

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