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How to choose the right electric nail file?

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While a regular nail file is a simple solution for doing mundane touch-ups, an electric nail file is the tool of choice for everything else. You can use it to shape and even out your nails, push back cuticles and buff away rough spots. Electric nail files are generally handled by people trained in the field, but if you think you have the ability to use this tool, find out how to choose the right electric nail file.

Rotational speed per minute

The first criterion to consider when buying an electric nail file is the rotational speed per minute or RPM. Noted by the numerical value followed by RPM, the greater the latter, the greater the number of revolutions performed per minute.

The electric nail file battery

Whether it is your job or a activity during your free time, laying stencil, capsules or American all require a particularly long time. Therefore, the ideal in terms of autonomy is a duration ranging from 8 to 10 hours. The average recharge time is generally between 2 and 3 hours.

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The shape of the nail file

As mentioned earlier, nail work consumes valuable time. Therefore, the shape of the electric file in itself is very important, it must be ergonomic in order to allow you to perform the working time you need to achieve your pose without causing you any any pain in the fingers.

The number of options for your file

More settings let you do more with your electric nail file. Some of them also come with a tip that can be used to remove calluses. These nail files are a more versatile and valuable beauty accessory.

The direction of rotation

This element may seem trivial, but in reality, its importance is indisputable for left-handers. The double direction of rotation is essential for you and must therefore be taken into consideration when making your purchase.

The design of the electric nail file

Appearance is certainly secondary for those who use their electric nail files on themselves, but it is a great asset for professionals. Indeed, the sophistication of the design of the nail file as well as its color can easily attract customers.


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