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12 Must-Have Jackets and Coats for Fall

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Long summer days will soon be over, and with fall just around the corner, it’s time to get your wardrobe staples in check and make sure you step into the new season with chic and stylish basics. Get a head start on the season’s must-have ladies coats and jackets with these twelve essentials every girl should own for easy dressing and layering. From casual, relaxed weekend looks to polished, office-ready ensembles, these are the top coats and jackets you need if you want a good outerwear foundation for fall.

ONE A grey coat: Grey coats have become just as necessary and essential as black coats. They are a great neutral to consider when you want to keep things on the lighter side.

TWO The classic trench: A womens trench coat is a wardrobe staple every woman should own. This timeless style will instantly make you look polished and put together.

THREE A black coat: Owning a black coat is like owning a pair of skinny jeans, it never goes out of style and you can always rely on it. Whether you’re dressing casually or going out, a black coat is wardrobe staple.

FOUR A leather jacket: Finding the perfect leather jacket is not an easy task, but once you do, you will appreciate how well it pairs with just about anything and how it can add some edge to otherwise head-to-toe girly looks.

FIVE A denim jacket: There’s no jacket as versatile as a denim jacket, so if you’re still one of those who doesn’t own one yet, you’re totally missing out!

SIX A suede jacket womens: Suede jackets in rich, caramel hues have been spotted everywhere this year, and with the whole 70s trend, they have made it into the mainstream and have found a place as a fall staple.

SEVEN A bomber jacket: If you want to be “in,” then you should definitely consider adding one of the hottest trends of the year: the bomber jacket. The sporty and cool vibe they add is what has made of this style one of fashion’s favorite jackets.

EIGHT The quilted vest: The classic puffer vest is a fall staple that shouldn’t be absent from any wardrobe. This piece makes for a great layering option on crisp mornings.

NINE A utility jacket: The army jacket is one of those pieces that is incredible versatile and practical. Wear it with leggings or over a pretty dress — you can never go wrong with it!

TEN A sleeveless trench: This piece is great for those days when the temperatures call for a lightweight layer and you don’t feel like wearing a heavy wool coat. Wear it over light clothes, and as the temperature drops, layer it over chunky sweaters and knits.

ELEVEN A plaid coat: Nothing says fall like plaid, so whether you decide to rock a scarf, a flannel shirt, or a coat, you should definitely add this print to your closet this season!

TWELVE A camel coat: Camel coats are a great transitional piece as they keep your looks on the lighter side yet make you look stylish and chic. It’s appeal is timeless and it looks great on everyone, just as a black coat does.

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