Pamu Slide TWS Headphones: Simply to Another Level!


For the first time we bring to the blog a logical competitor of the Apple AirPods , it is the Pamu Slide. A brand that after seeking financing in Indiegogo has managed to raise more than € 6,000,000. Which translates into more than 80,000 different sponsors. There are few who have dared to buy them and after a long wait they have finally arrived and we proceed to analyze them. The most honest review of the network where we uncover all the ins and outs that hide.

My experience with the Pamu Slide!

The marketing of these headphones have been beastly. The brand has used NBA stars like Tracy McGrady , Spencer Dinwiddie or DJ Augustin among others to promote. And, we can assure you that it went well because they have become a reference.

The price that we can find today is around $159, while we bought them a few months ago, just when the Indiegogo campaign was paying off. Then, they came out for quite less, about $70 (version with wireless charging). However, they did not arrive until almost two months after they were financed. The truth is that I had enough doubts about whether they were finally going to arrive. I understand that the volume of sales they handle is high, but in the same way the amount we pay is also high.

Let The Wireless Earphone Competition Start with PaMu Slide

After removing them from the box they gave off quality, nothing to do with other headphones analyzed. Pamu SLIDE’s own name mentions the way in which the box is opened: sliding . As for the battery it is incredible and can even be used as an external battery with wireless charging. Regarding ergonomics, it was difficult for me to adapt them to my ear, however, I changed the pads that were replaced and solved. The sound and other aspects such as connectivity below we analyze in detail …

The Pros

Without a doubt, what I liked most about these headphone is the quality they provide. From the first moment you take them out of the box, premium materials shine. They have IPX6 certification against splashing water and sweat, also according to their motto: born for music, they never fall , they are perfect for sports. The control is touch, fast USB type C charging, self-connection and especially the latest in both audio and connectivity chips.

The Cons

I have not liked anything the way they have processed the orders. While it is true Indiegogo is not an online store, but a financing platform. However, it seems a lot of waiting time . Also, today I think that the price has gotten out of hand since they are up to Apple AirPods. Nor does it have the possibility to rewind song or a proximity sensor.


The 2000 mAh capacity of the charging case makes them the headphones with more autonomy. But, that’s not all since each headset provides 85 mAh . If we translate it into hours it would be up to 10 hours at half volume for each load. However, the box is able to recharge them up to 5 times more without having to go through a load. Charging the case is fast and will not take more than 1 hour to complete, for 1 hour and a half of the headphones. In emergencies it will not charge a complete mobile phone but it can be used power bank and wirelessly.


Pamu Slide has managed to resemble the famous Apple AirPods both outside and inside. Without imitating them completely they manage to create a brand, leaving AirPods completely unnoticed. We have a dimensions of 37.5x26x19.5mm in the headphones by about 72x72x38.5mm in the charging case. On the other hand it seems to me that they have succeeded completely in the design. An innovative, minimalist and modern look , very similar to the Tronsmart Spunky PRO . And, contrary to what it may seem, the opening mechanism of the box is comfortable. In addition, they are cataloged in black, white and green, however, I’ve only been able to find them in black.


Personally, I expected less of the microphone quality, however, they still have much to improve. It uses aptX , ACC and SBC codecs , the first of all typical in high-end best sounding wireless headphones. And, although many people have had problems with the sound (because it sounds low), I have not yet. While it is true that the sound quality is quite good, I expected more for the price they are currently. As for more technical details we find 16 ohms, noise reduction and low, serious and well-balanced media.


Pamu Slide uses the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip , considered one of the most powerful on the market. Together with bluetooth 5.0 they provide more stability and connection speed than normal. To get an idea, strong competition like Bose, Sony and Jabra still make use of the obsolete Qualcomm CSR86Xx chip . And, without neglecting the AirPods 2, they use the H1 chip. The Padmate tech has partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to develop the headphones and they believe they have complied. Well, standing out in a market as competitive as this is complicated.

How do the Pamu Slide work?

These high-end headphones work through a touch control system . In the instruction manual come all the commands to follow and regardless of the number of touches that will happen some things or others. so we have prepared a list of the most basic controls.

PaMu Slide Ture Wireless In-ear Headphones Review
  • Pause music: a touch.
  • Resume song: a touch.
  • Next song: two right touches.
  • Answer call: two right touches
  • Hang up call: two left touches.
  • Voice assistant (Siri-Google): two left touches.
  • Increase volume: keep right.
  • Volume down : keep left.

Where to buy the Pamu Slide?

This is a question that everyone asks and the truth is that it is complicated. As we have already mentioned, the initial stage was carried out in Indiegogo, a financing platform. And, it seems to have ended. How do i know Well, because through the financing page you can see how they send you to their supposed official store: But, if you want to buy the Pamu Slide from now on, you can also get them from their distributor’s website:, but with lower price.

Opinions about Pamu Slide

Before buying the Pamu Slide I recommend you read the comments or opinions of users in Indiegogo. There you can see the reality of what happens with the shipments and if it really compensates you. You should also think about your claims and if it really compensates to spend so much, today for these headphones there having much cheaper alternatives.

If you want to buy Pamu Slide TWS headphones and have doubts, we recommend you leave a comment just below. We will try to answer you as soon as possible and advise you on your purchase.

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