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It is not difficult to list top wireless headphones products, such as: Apple AirPod, Bose SoundSport Free, Sony WF-1000X, JBL Free or Jabra Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t. However, the characteristics of these products are quite high prices, which will make some users concerned about buying. Therefore, many other manufacturers try to release true wireless headphones with lower cost but still provide a sound experience enough. And my true wireless headphones PaMu Scroll in this article will be the brightest candidate today, the product not only harmonizes from design, sound quality but also has lower price.

In a bit of biography, the true wireless model PaMu Scroll is a new line of products for the success of the successful PaMu fundraising on the Indiegogo site in April 2018, well received by many users. And with PaMu Scroll, although coming from the brand is still new in the Vietnamese market, the product is now successfully raising funds with an impressive amount of about $ 2.6 million and a selling price of $ 49. That said, the trust and high quality of the product.


In terms of design, if the first PaMu version is modern and youthful in shape like a jewel case, or makeup tool, with PaMu Scroll will be a mix of art and computer high class. The cylindrical container is made of a hard plastic material that is covered with a suede material, how to handle the material on two completely different surfaces, along with the open and close mechanism for headphones without hinges that will look As you are opening a mysterious martial arts scroll has long been very interesting.

Evaluate True Wireless Earphones PaMu Scroll

There are 4 versions for users to choose from: Rock’n Roll, Sakura, Glory Edition and Graphene, each version will have different color and design patterns on the surface of the leather to match each personality. With the Rock’n Roll version on hand, there will be motifs that are scribbled lines, as well as polished and dusty surfaces to both create luster when light shines on, as well as being able to resist Liquid penetrates into the outer skin.

Weighing only 5g, heavier than the Apple Airpod and lighter than most popular true wireless headphones, it is a small plus on PaMu Scroll, providing high mobility and less space.

 The area for fixing the skin to act as a cover is adorned with a plastic bar with a beautiful 3D diamond vein pattern, along with the accented PaMu logo accentuating. The sewing lines are refined and will match the color depending on the version.

The right edge of the headphone case will be the place where the microUSB charging port is designed as the speaker part you usually see on portable speaker products, combining beautiful concentric pattern vignettes. In addition, the PaMu Scroll also supports wireless charging via a receiver accessory called PaMu Wireless, which is compatible with most wireless charging adapters today.

The manufacturer is also skillful in positioning the LED to indicate the battery status of the headphones, by hiding under the border around the microUSB charging port area, a total of 4 blue LEDs correspond to 4 The battery is 0 – 25 – 50 – 100%.

Evaluate True Wireless Earphones PaMu Scroll

The headset is neatly placed inside the protective case and is also charged with charging, the suede is processed in the rough on the underside for the feeling of touching the hand, but you need to limit the liquid permeate to avoid damage to the skin or stink if the humidifier is too long.

Below are the metal pins for charging the headset, but manipulating the headset inside will not be quickly styled into the box without looking like some earphones I’ve ever evaluated, of course. This will no longer be possible with just a short time of getting used to.

The headset on the PaMu Scroll version is still a plastic material but has been reduced to a pea to better fit most of the user’s ear size, edging around the copper color also helps the headphones get aesthetic appeal. certain. The surface with the area is lumped to manipulate the touch, while the shaded area will be the place where the recording mic port is located.

Housing design helps sound when worn will fit snugly even in strong movements, however the minus point is that PaMu is not equipped with sponge foam but simply rubber sucking. Sound insulation when listening to music is also very good. In addition, PaMu Scroll is also perfect for IPX6 water-resistant capabilities, aimed at those who like to practice sports without fear of hearing damage when sweating, even rain.

Each side of the headset will arrange an additional LED to notify the connection status as well as the remaining battery capacity. The plus point is the ability to connect headphones to mobile devices or even laptops very simply, just take the headset out of the box is ready to connect instead of having to use hard buttons.

At the same time, PaMu Scroll uses Bluetooth 5.0 standard to make connecting faster, more stable and farther. As for the minus point, the headset only supports connecting a single device, if you want to connect another device you must disconnect the previous device.

PaMu Scroll gives continuous battery life of about 3.5 hours and about 5 hours of talk time for a full charge, acceptable usage for a true wireless headset for less than 1.5 million VND. In addition, the case will allow you to fully charge the headset 3 times, which means you will have all 10.5 hours, and it will take you about 2 hours to fully charge the inside case and headset.

About touch operation on PaMu Scroll, you just touch once to play / stop the song or receive an incoming call, double tap to skip / activate Siri virtual assistant (iOS) or Google Assistant (Android) or reject incoming call. However, adjusting the volume requires you to work on the connected device, and this is the exception on the headset. In addition, the headset will not have the application to tune the sound like other brands, and is not a smart headset so there will be no feature to stop the song when lifting the headset out of the ear.

Sound quality

As mentioned earlier, the PaMu brand is still very unfamiliar to Vietnamese users, so it is difficult to compete with famous audio brands such as Sony, JBL, Bose, Jabra or Audio Technica. Not to mention that those who need to buy true wireless headphones are also not easy to calculate. The first is the basic call request, now the PaMu Scroll version is able to listen to both ears when talking instead of just one ear in the first version, and the ability to filter noise when you are real. The call in the mall is very crowded with people running cars at a speed of about 50km / h, the sound is still clear and not shy. I appreciate the noise collection and noise filter on both efficient headset mics.

So what about listening to music? I personally have ears that are not too fastidious, so I will listen to music by the most common method, which is the Zing MP3 application on smartphones to get more objective results. First of all, I listened to the first song, Then The Loving Man Who Still – Hien Ho, the soundtrack band was shown very well and was slightly better than the mid range, or Let Me Close To You – Huong Tram and Breathless – Shayne Ward, the singer’s voice is good in high notes. For those who like musical instruments, I try the Matsuri song – Kitaro, the headphones still show no separation between the instruments.

Then, continuing to be a lively music, I tried Boneless – Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo, How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciple, Boom – Tiësto & Sevenn, I was really surprised with the sound range. Bass is shown very well, not inferior to the earphones that specialize in the bass of other rival products. If you are a person who likes to listen to music that has a lot of bass like EDM, then PaMu Scroll completely satisfies that need. But, the minus point comes from hearing the volume level of 80% or more, at this time the tred sound strip starts to have slight noise causing a slight uncomfortable glare.


It is not a coincidence that listening to true wireless PaMu Scroll has been welcomed by many Vietnamese users as well as many experts in sound industry. Creating good momentum from the first version, PaMu Scroll can be considered a product that has a balance between value and quality, when the need to purchase true wireless headphones is becoming more and more popular.

And with PaMu Scroll, you will get a high-quality headset product through the design of the compact martial arts book in the palm, the material shows the high level and many technological features included. The most important thing is the ability to reproduce sound enough to please people with hobbies who listen to noise or whose ears are not too fastidious.

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