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Tips to Find An Ideal Hearing Aids

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Since all human beings are different, the same goes for hearing loss. This is why hearing aids that are suitable for everyone do not exist. However, it is possible to find, with the help of a hearing care professional, a hearing aid that perfectly meets everyone’s needs. Below you will find out what the process of purchasing a inexpensive hearing aids may look like and the points you need to take into account.

How is the diagnosis made?

Do you feel more and more difficult to hear the discussions or your television at home? Have your interlocutors already pointed out that you should have your hearing reviewed? These could be signs of possible deafness .

To determine whether or not you have a hearing loss, you can perform a free hearing screening online to give you a first estimate of the condition of your hearing. We recommend you to have a hearing screening without engagement with your hearing care professional. Most of the time, you do not even need to arrange an appointment and you get a clear professional opinion about how your hearing works in a very short time.

If hearing loss is detected, our hearing care professional will advise you to consult your ENT doctor if necessary.

The latter also carries out an auditory screening and finds out what are the causes of your hearing loss. It examines whether your hearing loss results from organic causes and performs various tests such as a sound level measurement or an audiogram . If you do not have an ENT doctor yet, you can also talk to our hearing care professionals.

With the order of your ENT doctor in your hands, return to the hearing care professional to find a tailor-made solution together. He is at your disposal to give you a personalized follow-up and help you to find the model best adapted to your needs.

Which hearing aid should I buy?

Several factors come into play with the hearing aid model that best meets your needs. On the one hand, the type and degree of severity of your deafness, on the other hand, your private and professional situation. If you are often called to communicate with more than one person or to make a call, you need a hearing aid different from the one you use if you travel by car, play a lot of leisure activities or stay mainly at home. These factors already make it possible to greatly reduce the choice of possible models. Often, the affinity with the technologies, and the personal comfort of wearing also play a decisive role when buying a hearing aid.

There are also important differences between ear-mounted hearing aids and in ear hearing aids. Of course, the price of the prosthesis also varies depending on the model and the proposed functions.

Low-cost hearing aids and premium hearing aids often differ in the additional features they offer. Advanced hearing aids can be connected directly to the smartphone, video or audio device. You must also consider the choice of power supply: you can choose between models equipped with hearing batteries, which must be replaced, and models using rechargeable batteries.

In all cases, a comparison of hearing aids is paying off. You can also discover the models of the different manufacturers and their advantages. And of course you can test and try the hearing aids with one of our hearing care professionals.

Difference between a hearing aid and a sound amplifier

Do you ever wonder if you should consider a hearing aid amplifiers to compensate for your hearing loss?
One thing is certain: a hearing aid amplifiers is not really comparable to a hearing aid. Of course, the hearing aid amplifiers also have a microphone and amplifier and recall, by their structure and shape, a usual hearing aid. However, they can only increase the volume and therefore do not adapt to your hearing loss or personal wishes. In addition, hearing aid amplifiers are not prescribed by the doctor and are often purchased without recommendation. We therefore recommend that you use a hearing aid if you have a hearing loss.

How to perfectly adjust your hearing aid?

For speech intelligibility to be restored in every day situation, you must first adjust your hearing aid. Our experienced audiologists are there for that. On your indications, they find the hearing aid that best suits your needs and adjust it according to your audibility curve. With tests, a few appointments are enough to adjust the hearing aid according to your needs. These settings are optimized until you are absolutely satisfied with your prosthesis and you have become used to this newfound hearing.

The brain must first get used to “re-hear” because it does not work as fast as when you wear a pair of glasses, for example, adapting to your hearing aid and hearing aids. training in handling the technological equipment requires a little patience, however, it pays off.A functioning and perfectly adjusted hearing aid allows you to find a better quality of listening! Our experienced audioprosthetists accompany you in your choice and you help to adjust your prosthesis.

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