PaMu Slide: 60 Hours Battery Life Wire-free Headphones

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If you are looking for attractively designed true wireless headphones and especially long battery life, the PaMu Slide is an option to consider. The PaMu Slide is a 100% wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headset and a direct competitor to models like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

Totally Turly Wireless Earphones PaMu Slide Review

Eye-catching design – The PaMu Slide’s design is sleek, modern and comfortable, fitting perfectly to the user’s ear as it has ear tips in various sizes. The handset is IPX6 certified, ie it is water resistant and can be found in black, green and white colors.

Impress Battery – One of the most outstanding points on PaMu Slide is the battery that lasts about 10h of music or 60h of call with just one charge. In addition, 60h of battery life is fully available in the wireless case whenever recharging is required. The handset is also compatible with devices with USB-C and wireless input.

Performance – The PaMu Slide’s sound quality is excellent, with attention-grabbing sound dissipation and strong bass. Also of note is support for Siri and Google Assistant wizards, which help you play music or receive calls, for example.

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