PaMu Scroll: Are They Really a Bargain?

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It will have happened to many of you in recent weeks to see posts advertised on Facebook that sponsored bluetooth headphones, which would be even better than Apple Airpods.

After reading many articles and seeing many reviews on Youtube, I will explain to you why I will buy them (yes, even now that they don’t cost $39 anymore).

Design and Features

Let’s start from the beginning. These headphones were promoted through the Indiegogo crowdfunding site by the Padmate company that already a year ago and had launched a very successful, but now they are available on the official sales channels Moldac website at the price of $79.

PaMu Scroll: Are They Really a Bargain?

The PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 are achieving even greater success, with a fundraiser that had as a goal the $ 20K and which has final exceeded $ 3 million!

Now we come to the features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 true-wireless: in addition to a Bluetooth connection that ensures low latency and excellent signal stability, the headphones can be used in a completely independent way.
  • Cylindrical leather case with a 500 mAh battery that provides about 2/3 additional charges through a side micro USB port. The case is available in four colors: Rock’n’Roll(Sienna), Graphene(Black), Glory Edition(Brown), Sakura(Pink).
  • Light and ergonomic and also with IPX6 certification, therefore resistance to water but not to diving.
  • According to most reviews, the audio quality is good with a balanced presence of low, but with high frequencies little perceived.
  • Touch controls and microphones on both earphones

We come to the price chapter: up until a year ago, you could have had the incredible price of $39 thanks to an “early access” dedicated to the first lenders, which made them without a doubt the best-buy category. Surprisingly, Padmate has promoted a new window with a special price of around $79.

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