PaMu Slide Review – Throw Everything Else

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PaMu Slide Review - Throw Everything Else

Hello all, do you remember the company that exploded almost the whole italian last year? Not because of the name of this company, but one cheap wireless earphones compaign on indiegogo. And this year, the company wrote to me and sending me a new earphone that called pamu slide. Now i’m trying them for about three weeks and I’ll tell you and all the positive sides and negative sides. Let’s start with the price. How much does this earbuds will cost? Is not known at the moment in fact, if you go to the indiegogo page dedicated to this product, there is not price there, absolutely nothing but the possibility to insert your email to then receive any updates when they will finally be available for sale.

Next, let’s start right away from case materials. All wireless earphones as you have seen on the market have a case, that is nothing but a case for the transport but which also contains one battery for charging. This case have a big one battery, so they are promised several hours of charging, totally around 30 hours. But the bad side of the coin that it is really very very uncomfortable to put this thing in your pocket. I really found them inconvenient to always take with me. In the front there are three small LEDs that monitor the charging case’s situation. The LEDs on the earbuds will light up red once you enter inside the case. And the red leds will turn off once the charging are one hundred percent. Yas you can see the earphones have the shape look like of the airpods. The only difference is that airepods do not go within the ear canal.

And it’s surprise me that pamu slide is good for playing on sports. I went to the gym, went to run even under the rain and did not present any kind of problem. But one thing I definitely like is the touch controls. I have to be honest about the touch control that they integrated on these earphones really really work very well, a single tap lets you play music or put them in pause, a double tap sends forward or activate the voice assistant, with the left an extended tap allows you to adjust the volume. You can manage playback to reject calls,accept calls or activate voice assistant.

Another very positive is the bluetooth 5.0, a new one matching technology indeed.You can use the right earpiece, or left earpiece in independent. But the microphone only on the right earpiece, then if you intend to make calls you must to remind you need to use the right earpiece obviously, if you use them both, the calls will be transmitted to the stereos. Another aspect that I personally have liked, all day music actually the 10 hours declared. Microphone quality is quite good. I tried to make a call at the places rather crowded, but they still didn’t hear the background noise. So I didn’t need to move but I could quietly make the calls. And this is today’s review for the pamu slide by the moldac and padmate tech company. Thank you.

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